Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get a map of Edmond?

Local residents may obtain up to five free Edmond maps in the Edmond Chamber office at 825 E. 2nd Street, all others may request one map mailed to their out-of-town address. Receive a map or a complete packet of relocation materials.

Where is the Edmond Chamber office located?

The Edmond Chamber building is located at 825 E. 2nd Street, between Boulevard and Bryant and on the S.E. corner of the University of Central Oklahoma campus. Get Map.

What is the population of Edmond?

The 2019 estimated population of Edmond is 94,518.

What is the sales tax in Edmond?

The total sales tax is 8.25%, which is the combined 3.75% sales tax collected by the City of Edmond and the 4.5% sales tax collected by the State of Oklahoma.

I need to find a business that does…

We suggest that everyone should shop Edmond Chamber members first! The Edmond Chamber of Commerce Online Membership Directory lists over 1,000 businesses that support the community through chamber membership.

How far is Edmond from Oklahoma City? To the airport?

Edmond is located in Oklahoma County, 13 miles north of downtown Oklahoma City and 23 miles north of Will Rogers World Airport.

Who do I call for new utility service?

The City of Edmond provides electricity, water, and sanitation services to residents. Call (405) 359-4541 to begin or discontinue service. For gas service, contact Oklahoma Natural Gas at (405) 551-4000. Cable-television access is provided by Cox Communications, to subscribe call (405) 600-7676.

When will my trash be picked up?

The City of Edmond Sanitation Department provides weekly curbside recycling and waste collection service using roll-out carts. For your neighborhood pick-up day or questions call (405) 359-4541.

Who are my local elected officials?

Contact the Mayor and Council members at: (405) 348-8830, check out the City of Edmond website, or visit 24 E First Street Edmond, OK 73034.

How do I start a new business?

Business plans, tax and insurance requirements, licenses and permits…there’s a lot of preparation required before greeting your first client or customer. A wealth of resources have been compiled by the Edmond Economic Development Authority (EEDA). Additionally, the EEDA provides real estate referral services for retail, commercial, office or industrial needs, business financing assistance, extensive statistics and data, and more. Contact the EEDA at (405) 340-0016 or visit www.eeda.com. Since 1984 the Oklahoma Small Business Development Center (OSBDC) has assisted Oklahomans identify and obtain reliable, objective information about starting a new business, solving existing business problems, expanding a business, and more. Through seminars and individual counseling, the OSBDC can answer your most common questions and arrange access to the most specific information. The OSBDC is a consortium of staff members of Oklahoma’s regional universities and is funded by the US Small Business Administration, the Oklahoma Legislature and host universities and colleges. Call (405) 232-1968 or visit www.osbdc.org.