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Now Recruiting: Edmond Citizens Police Academy

Ever wondered what a day in the life of an Edmond police officer looks like? Curious about how your local police department handles mental health training and resources for their officers and the people they serve? Do crimes really get solved as quickly as the C.S.I. shows on TV? Who are the local officers and their leadership? What is your role in keeping Edmond safe?

 If you’ve ever had any of these questions or are curious about the Edmond Police Department, I would encourage you to apply for and attend their Spring 2024 Citizens Police Academy.

In the fall, I had the privilege of being a part of the 51st class of the Edmond Police Department’s Citizens Police Academy (CPA). The CPA is a free, 8-week course that is designed to facilitate and promote the relationships between Edmond citizens and the Edmond Police Department by:

  • The presentation and demonstration of the responsibilities and duties of the police officers/staff;
  • The open dialogue and discussion of community policing theory, policies, and issues;
  • And the first-hand relationship building between Edmondites and the men and women who serve every day to protect them.

No, you do not have to take the physical entrance exam for the police academy, nor do you leave a badge-carrying officer! Instead, you leave a more informed citizen, with a clear understanding of the Edmond Police Department’s mission and goals, an established rapport to express your opinions and concerns, and the confidence in the public safety organizations that keep Edmond the safe community we all love.

Facilitated by Sgt. Randy Payne, the weekly Tuesday evening class was comprised of a diverse group, made up of varied ages, genders, races, and walks of life. The CPA provided the platform for us to come together with our different experiences and interact with the Police Department in a way that most of would never experience. Some of the topics and questions I was curious about included what is the Police Department’s approach to mental health, what are their procedures for Use of Force, and what are some of the special taskforces that require additional agency involvement. There were a several hands-on demonstrations as well –  case studies brought in by the C.S.I. team, touring the Edmond Policy Safety Center, climbing in the S.W.A.T. vehicle, and – my personal favorite – a ride-along.

The Police cannot solve public safety problems alone. They require the full investment of the community and its stakeholders. The stakeholders aren’t just the businesses and organizations that make up Edmond. They are the young students in Edmond Public Schools and at UCO, the senior citizens,  the homeowners, the renters, the employees, and the business owners. You are a stakeholder in the Edmond community and that is an exciting and, at times, serious responsibility. You have a vested interest in the decision-making and policies that impact your daily life, your daily safety.  Your involvement matters.

Healthy and respectful relationships between the Police Department and the citizens they protect only work if we citizens participate in that relationship – outside of when a crime or emergency has occurred.

If you live in and/or work in Edmond, I strongly encourage you to consider attending the Spring 2024 Edmond Police Academy Citizens Police Academy, beginning on February 13, 2024. For more information and FAQs, visit the CPA homepage or Apply Here.

             Daniela Deuel, Chairwoman-Elect
             Edmond Young Professionals Advisory Board

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