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Edmond Public School Foundation Celebrates the Upcoming Inaugural EDIEE Awards with Ribbon Cutting

Edmond Public School Foundation held a ribbon cutting with the Edmond Chamber of Commerce at 4800 N Kelly Ave. The Edmond Public Schools Foundation is thrilled to announce the inaugural EDIEE Awards ceremony, scheduled for Tuesday, April 16, at Aspen Ranch in Edmond.

Established in 1984, the Edmond Public Schools Foundation will celebrate its 40th anniversary in 2024. The Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting excellence and advancing education in Edmond with a focus on long-term sustainability. The foundation works collaboratively with educators, donors, and the community to provide innovative opportunities and resources that enhance the learning experiences of students in Edmond Public Schools.

 The EDIEE Awards, an acronym for “Educators and Donors providing Innovative Education in Edmond,” will become an annual event dedicated to honoring outstanding educators and community supporters who have made significant contributions to education in Edmond Public Schools. Co-chaired by Julie Woodard and Heather Gardner, the event will feature community awards, focusing on the Hall of Fame Education Champion and the Shining Star Volunteer of the Year Award. These accolades will recognize outstanding community donors and volunteers, embodying the spirit of dedication and support from individuals and organizations that are crucial for the educational landscape in Edmond.

The educator awards will be given through endowed gifts and include the Rees ELA Award, which acknowledges excellence in English Language Arts teaching; the Lucile Peters Excellence in Teaching in Math Award, which honors exceptional math educators; the Rookie Teacher of the Year Award, which commends an outstanding new educator; and the Leadership Excellence Award, given to an Edmond Public Schools leader that uses innovation and creativity while implementing the district’s core values and managing both people and projects. These endowed awards aim to highlight the invaluable contributions of educators and their tireless efforts in inspiring and guiding students.

The grand finale of the evening will feature the highly anticipated announcements of Edmond Public Schools’ 2024 Support Personnel of the Year in honor of Kathi DeSpain and 2024 Teacher of the Year. These endowed awards will recognize the invaluable contributions made by support staff and showcase the exemplary skills and dedication of a deserving teacher who has gone above and beyond to inspire and empower students.

The 2024 EDIEE Awards offer sponsorship opportunities ranging from $1,500 to $20,000. Sponsors can attend the event or have the unique privilege of sponsoring tables for each of the 31 school sites within Edmond Public Schools, demonstrating their commitment to supporting education in the community. This sponsorship includes an invitation for site support and teacher honorees from these schools to attend the event.

To learn more about the EDIEE Awards, including sponsorship details and how to get involved, please visit our website at

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