Put Technology to Work For You, Don't Let it Happen To You

Posted by Sara Tsoodle, VP of Client Experience at TriCorps Technologies on 03/11/2019

Successful businesses start with people. Successful, smart and driven people. Those people have good ideas, they build smart processes and do amazing things.

And today, the businesses who do all of that AND fully leverage the benefits of technology tools to do those great things are more efficient, more profitable, and their teams sleep better at night. Your business becomes more scalable, and more efficient when you have an ability and drive to use tech tools to keep up. Today’s typical business is made of up equal parts people, processes and technology. There are some steps you can take to help you inventory and evaluate your existing technology tools, and then some measures you can take as a business leader or a technology leader to overcome the obstacles that stand between you and a healthy technology environment.

When I visit with small businesses about their technology environment there are really 3 main groups I see. 

  1. There’s the “No Tech No Way” groups. My favorite local carpet business does a great job on my floors. They give me good deals. They know me like a small-town business should. They do all their business on a landline and a yellow legal pad. No email. No tools except that fancy staple thing they used to make the carpet stick to my stairs. I love them, but it hurts my heart to see how long they work when I know it could be easier and they could probably have much higher sales volume with just a few little marketing or data tools.
  2. Then there’s the “Intentional Tech Strategists”. The ones who select their tech tools with a perfectly proven process. They always make the right choice, everything works, always. 
    Just joking- I have never actually met these people. If you are one of these perfect people, please call me. It would be like discovering a leprechaun, riding a unicorn here in Oklahoma. 
    But I DO see people aspiring to be this way, and if this is you, high five; let’s do this.
  3. And lastly, There’s the “Accidental Tech Stack”. This is the most common group I see. These are organizations who have accidentally let technology HAPPEN to them- they grabbed a convenient core tech tool they may have needed and then got stuck with it because change is hard. So even though they didn’t love their choice, they bolted on a few things were somewhat compatible to that for years. And then built broken processes around these tools that really weren’t what they wanted or needed. What’s tragic is, accidental tech stacks don’t feel that bad, until they do, and you don’t realize how broken things are until you are years in to the software relationship.  It’s a discovery that one makes years into a series of software commitments.

So, whether you built your tech on purpose, or it just grew organically over time– you DO have a tech stack.  And the truth is, there is no single right way to make it excellent, but there are a few wrong ways. In today’s tech driven world, innovation moves fast. That can make it challenging for leaders who aren’t as comfortable with modern technology to adapt and embrace new tools and platforms. Still, putting appropriate technology in place is critical for your business. Your team doesn’t just want techy gadgets and toys. They need tech tools to make their jobs more efficient and to make your business more scalable. What is important is finding the right tools that align with your needs, your budget, your team skills, and your culture. Join me in March to discuss this challenge and take away some practical next steps for your business at the Business Development Luncheon, or email me at [email protected] to talk about your specific challenges – I’d be delighted to hear from you.