Oh The Times They Are a-Changin'- In Downtown Edmond

Posted by City Councilman Josh Moore on 07/29/2019

On any given Saturday night you may catch Councilman Nick Massey playing a set to a full house at Ellis Island.  If you catch him on a break, Nick would also love to tell you about the exciting renaissance that we’re seeing in downtown Edmond, our oldest (yet hippest) commercial district today!   

So what’s going on besides the summer’s first Heard on Hurd having its largest attendance to date??  And, Lime Scooters will be in Edmond before the start of the fall semester!!  It’s only fitting to back up a few months ago when the City Council voted to move forward with a Quiet Zone for all 11 railroad crossings in Edmond.  With the train horns blowing 20-30 times a day, it’s been difficult to attract new projects with an outdoor, or residential component to these areas.  $3.5 million in safety improvements and 12 months later, we should expect the train horns to be silenced!    

Betting on a successful quiet zone decision were several entrepreneurs ready to invest in projects that would benefit from this new environment.  What projects you ask??  Here we go...

-The Railyard on 1st Street, Edmond’s first food hall is expected to open in the fall of 2019 and will offer several eating options, craft beer, a huge outdoor seating area and live music.  

-The new Rail Spur District is set to bring a remodel of the historic “Ice House” building on the west side of the tracks with additional restaurants, a brewery, more parking and an outdoor gathering space.  Expected 2021 opening.  

-Sunnyside Diner finished a very cool and classic remodel at 2nd @ Broadway.  Doors are open before sunrise daily. 

-Venue 102 has transformed a section of the old Farmer’s Grain building into a special events center.  Bringing everything  from weddings to business meetings to downtown.    

-The Dolese concrete plant is officially gone and the land has sold to a local developer.  We’re excited to see what the future holds for this site, primed for multi-use with a heavy residential component!! 

-Citizens Bank of Edmond continues to ride the cutting edge with their new Vault 405 co-working space, a modern and very popular way to bring corporate traffic to downtown.  

-Interested in buying locally sourced food and produce??  Look no further than Urban Agrarian that opened in the fall of 2018.  

-Frenzy Brewing Co. has begun their remodel in the historic Bender building and expects to start serving cold brew in 2020.  

-Take a few steps South to Stephenson Park and you’ll find Park 17 under construction, a new 3-story building with dining and retail on the first floor and 17 multi-family units above.  Look for even more residential options coming soon in this immediate area.    

-Besides funding the Quiet Zone, the City of Edmond is even chipping in with their own projects in the core.  Downtown Broadway will be seeing new LED street lights meant to brighten this world up!  A Stephenson Park remodel is currently on the drawing table and will likely rebrand itself as Edmond’s “urban park” for years to come.  Continue to watch for more streetscaping projects with improved on-street parking and larger sidewalks for improved walkability.

At the risk of leaving someone out, I’ll just say that there are several business owners that rolled up their sleeves a few years ago and started bringing a new energy to downtown.  These folks saw a new future for coffee, food, adult beverages, golf, jewelry, live music, and even the way we deposit our money!  They refused to believe that our downtown could not compete with new commercial development around them.  They refused to give in.  Today, that energy is paying off and this Councilman couldn’t be more thrilled to watch it happen!