Leadership- It's All About Me!

Posted by Erin Greilick on 04/30/2018

I have been curious about why people do what they do for as long as I can remember, and just as importantly I have wanted to know how I could help. In my journey through training and experiences in the areas of clinical psychology and executive coaching, as well as professional and personal relationship experiences, here are three truths I have observed.

First Truth, all self-development starts with self-awareness. Self-awareness is understanding who you are and what you are about. It starts with knowing your strengths and opportunities, and it extends far beyond to understanding your emotional reactions, knowing what is most valued and meaningful for you, and being ever-curious about your journey through life (examining the stuff we excel at AND stink at), asking great questions so we can learn forward.

Which brings us to Truth #2, Learning. Watching a 3 year-old explore his world can be the most joyful and inspiring thing to witness. He shows no hesitation, not an ounce of self-consciousness or self-doubt. He is fearless, barreling forward into new experiences. He is confident he will learn and is undeterred when it gets tough, awkward, or beyond her current capabilities. Adults are too often tethered, stifled, or even paralyzed by the fear of looking dumb, or not being in control, or feeling like we should already know this. Whatever holds you back, we can all rediscover some of the freedom we gave ourselves to learn in our earlier years.

Finally, Truth #3, Practice. Get off the couch, bench, recliner…whatever that comfortable spot is for you. Practice builds “muscle memory” in an area we want to get better at. Find opportunity to try new behaviors and seek out support to accelerate your growth and cheer you on. Professional athletes who are PAID to practice don’t get up in the morning and say, “Can’t wait to practice!”. Practice, though grueling and often tedious, is necessary to build a new habit. Commitment and patience go a long way to moving the growth needle.

Self-development is a lifelong journey. The opportunity afforded each of us is choosing to develop in an area that is meaningful and setting yourself up for success with these 3 self-development Truths: Self-awareness, Learning, and Practice.