Posted by Bryan Clifton on 08/02/2018

If left alone, everything drifts downward.

This is true in our personal lives and our businesses.

Drift is a powerful force that often goes unnoticed. You see the effects of drift, but often this is only in hindsight as you're fighting to regain the ground lost to drift.

Drift is a part of life, but drift only goes one direction. Down.

If the leader is not continually casting the vision for the organization, expect the organization to drift downward. If the sales team is not held accountable to the numbers, expect the financials to drift downward.

Drift is a powerful force. It slowly erodes progress before it turns it into an uphill battle that seems impossible to overcome.

Drift is the absence of intention.

Your organization can become better than it is today, but it will only happen if you step up to the plate and fight drift.

An organization does not get better accidentally. It takes leadership and international effort.

A marriage does not get better by chance. It requires work and deep commitment from both parties.

Your physical fitness does not suddenly improve without a change in your activities. It takes discipline, time, and usually physical discomfort.

Friendships do not miraculously improve. They require time to build and nurture the relationship.

Drift can be defeated, but it takes intentionality. The question is are you willing to do the work needed to fight drift in your life and in your organization?

Leaders have a responsibility to counteract drift. Good leaders know what they need to do to keep momentum moving forward. They refuse to lose ground because of laziness or apathy.

Don't let drift erode your success.