Meet Edmond's City Council Candidates

Posted by Brittany Willison on 02/05/2019

Edmond residents will head to the polls on February 12 to vote in the primary election. Of the city council’s five seats, three are up for election, including the mayor.

Mayor candidates include Dan O’Neil, 72, and Richard Prawdzienski, 71. There is a third option to re-elect deceased mayor Charles Lamb. If Lamb is elected, the city council will appoint the next mayor.

City Council Ward 1 candidates include Clay Booth, 59; J. David Chapman, 54; Devyn Denton, 41; Jim Martin, 76; and Scott Tohlen, 32.

Candidates for City Council Ward 2 include Larry L. Barnes, 73; Josh Moore, 40; and Matt Thomas, 54.

In order to get to know the candidate’s priorities, the Edmond Chamber sent out a questionnaire to each candidate. Click the name of the candidate below to see their answers. *This post has been updated to reflect the results of the primary vote. The candidates listed below are the top two vote-getters and will be on the April 2 ballot*

Dan O’Neil, Mayor Candidate

J. David Chapman, Ward 1 Candidate

Devyn Denton, Ward 1 Candidate

Josh Moore, Ward 2 Candidate

Matt Thomas, Ward 2 Candidate

Along with the city council election, residents will also vote on Edmond Public School’s bond issue. The $93 million bond issue aims to increase school security, improve school buildings and fund the construction of additional classrooms and schools, specifically two new elementary schools. The Edmond Chamber Board of Directors unanimously endorsed the passage of the bond issue.

After the primary vote, the Edmond Chamber will host a candidate forum with the top two vote-getters on Thursday, February 21 from 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m. at the Edmond Conference Center, 2833 Conference Center Drive.

The general election for city council will be Tuesday, April 2.