Retail & Restaurant Rebate

This program has ended.

Thank you for supporting Edmond businesses!


Save your receipt from local restaurants and retailers! For every $100 you spent (rounded down), you will earn a $10 gift card to the business/businesses you supported. Spend $1000 at a business, we give you a $100 gift card to that business. Spend $125, get a $10 gift card, etc. 

Please note: We are not encouraging you to shop IN stores. Please shop online, over the phone or use curbside pick-up. 

  • Maximum of $1,000 in receipts from any one business at a time
  • Limit $100 in rebates per household
  • Receipts must be from an Edmond Chamber member
  • Receipts must be dated after the program starting date (March 20, 2020) and submitted by 5 p.m. on Friday April 3, 2020. 
  • Excludes grocery store purchases
  • Excludes medical and pharmacy purchases
  • Excludes professional services
  • Multiple receipts can be submitted to reach $100 minimum but all receipts must be from Edmond Chamber members

This program begins March 20, 2020 and ends April 3, 2020. 

Purchases that can help support our small retailers and restaurants:

  • Gift certificates and gift cards
  • Pay it forward - Buy a gift card or certificate for someone else
  • Shop your small retailer's online stores
  • Carry out or delivery meals
  • Buy a meal for someone in need
  • Prepay for a membership to support a local gym
  • Buy a movie ticket or other entertainment passes for an event to look forward to


For questions, please contact Jessica Burleson at [email protected] or call (405) 216-2031.