The Dos and Donts of Working from Home

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Posted by Savannah Barrington on 07/24/2018

I am a veterinarian and I specialize in pathology. I know many people haven’t heard of a veterinary pathologist before, so first I want to explain a bit about my job. My every day consists of interpreting biopsy samples taken from animals and relaying that information to their clinical veterinarian so that they can provide the most accurate and appropriate treatment for that patient. I work with a digital microscope on the computer and microscope slides that have been scanned in at a high level. I read cases from the USA and Asia. It is a high pressure job and demanding of my time, but with new digital technology providing me the tools I need, I am able to do this work from home. I know there are many others who have the same privilege of being able to work from home. Like anything though, it has advantages and disadvantages. I have been working from home for about a year and a half and I’d like to share some tips I’ve learned on how to make the adjustment. 

1. Do set a schedule.

We all have a time when we are more awake, recharged, and ready to be productive. Capitalize on that time by setting up a schedule and sticking to it. Set a timer if you need to stay focused for an hour or two. Schedule quick 5 minute breaks during your day to get up out of your chair, grab some water, or chase your dog around the house. You’ll give your brain and eyes a break from the computer screen.

2. Do take lunch time.

Working from home, it is very easy to skip lunch or tell yourself “I’ll eat it later”, but later quickly turns into dinner time. Be sure to make time for lunch - better yet, organize lunch with a friend or plan to attend EYP Lunch Bunch! You’ll feel more energized and ready to tackle the afternoon. I’d also encourage anyone, working at home or in an office, to eat lunch away from your desk. Taking that mental break is a good habit to get into and you will avoid crumbs in your keyboard (win-win!) J

3. Don’t wear your PJs

Getting your day started off on the right foot is pivotal to a successful day. Make it a point to get out of your PJs and into day clothes. This will give you a mental separation from relax/ rest time to work time. Also, yoga pants are completely legitimate work at home attire.

4. Don’t forget to exercise.

Staying fit and active is an ideal way to stay sharp and let go of tensions from everyday work. Group exercise classes is a way I like to stay healthy and be around other people.

5. Do go out for fun

Social interaction is so important to a healthy lifestyle. Join a club to meet others with similar interests. Being a part of EYP is a great way to stay socially connected to your peers and get involved with your community. I’ve been an EYP member for a little over a year now and have already met so many awesome, inspiring people who I am lucky to now call my friends. Consider being on the steering committee to become involved and help plan events with other young professionals – and please do come say hello at the next event! 

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