Josh Moore: City Council Candidate and Edmond Young Professional

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Posted by Brittany Willison on 02/07/2019

As Edmond Young Professionals grows, we've tried to take into account what our members want to gain from their EYP membership. It's evident that a huge perk of our organization is having opportunities to meet with and hear from local legislators so it's no surprise that one of our own is now running for office. When this program began over ten years ago, we fully expected that our members would do some pretty amazing things, and they have. Most recently, one of our members decided to run for Edmond City Council, Ward 2. 

We're excited to introduce and help you get to know fellow EYP member Josh Moore. In his own words, he tells us who he is, why he's running and what we can expect from him if he wins. Don't forget, the primary election is Tuesday, February 12. Enjoy! 


Hello, my name is Josh Moore.  I am a husband, father of kindergarten twins, UCO graduate, and Edmond business owner.  I build custom homes and develop small real estate projects that I want my family to be proud of for many years to come.  I’m also running for Ward 2 - Edmond City Council seat that Elizabeth Waner has diligently served for 12 years.  I, among many, am so thankful for the thousands of hours Elizabeth has given to our community!  I am also thankful for this opportunity to introduce myself and explain why I want to be your next Ward 2 - Edmond City Councilman. 

I’ve really had a fun and blessed life.  I wasn’t raised with a silver spoon, but I never went without.  I grew up as a preacher’s kid in Hooker, Oklahoma getting to watch my dad lead groups of all ages, while listening to no less than a million sermons.  When you have the Oklahoma panhandle in your blood you understand that the secret to a tight-knit community is simply looking after one another.  After my dad was in a bus accident paralyzing him from the waist down, I learned what it is like to have an entire town come together and build a handicapped accessible home for your family and hand over the keys with a smile.  Edmond is much larger than Hooker, but it doesn’t take long to meet neighbors that share the same heart for community.  Community is just one thing that will always make Edmond a special place to live and I don’t want that to change. 

In high school I lived in the Rocky Mountains and explored hiking trails that lead to the bluest of blue skies.  I learned to appreciate nature and this beautiful world that God has made.  Edmond has a lot of natural beauty in our parks, trails, open spaces, and water features.  I want that beauty to continue in all aspects as we examine future projects for our growing community.  

After graduating from college at UCO I accepted a job in Edmond economic development.  I began to meet City leaders and learned what it takes to fund a thriving community.  I learned that it takes a network of council, city administrators, committee members, and business owners to work in harmony toward the same goal.  We all want to live in a safe place that provides living, working, and learning opportunities for all ages and all backgrounds. 

I’m ready to be a part of the Edmond city council to show my kids that we are building a Great city for them.  I’m ready to show young professionals and young families that we can have a seat at the table, we can be reasonable, and we can have positive conversations with everyone.  I’m ready to show all Edmond residents that traffic, police and fire, small business, smart growth, parks and recreation, education, and healthcare are priorities that make Edmond a wonderful place to live!  

- Josh Moore

Edmond City Council Candidate, Ward 2

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