Community Involvement: A Formula for Health and Happiness

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Posted by Brittany Willison on 06/13/2019

Written by Tyler Klaassen, Edmond Chamber Intern

More than 1.5 million nonprofit organizations are currently registered in the United States, yet only about a quarter of the population seeks out community involvement through volunteer work.

In nearly every city there is ample opportunity for citizens to engage in their community. Those who actively seek involvement reap great benefits. Being involved allows one to meet influential people, while making a lasting impact on those around them. Local involvement also allows one to hone areas of personal and professional expertise and learn new skills from surrounding individuals. Volunteering is proven to strengthen one’s body and mind and increase an individual’s likelihood of employment. This means that one’s involvement in their local area will contribute not only to the strengthening of their community, but also to themselves as an individual. An involved person is easily able to discover new opportunities, especially as a professional. In fact, 92% of HR executives believe that contributing to the community can improve a person’s employee leadership skills.

There are countless ways to get plugged into every community. Here in Edmond, many great opportunities come from nonprofits such as The Edmond Chamber of Commerce, which provide avenues specifically designed for these goals. One example is Edmond Young Professionals.

Edmond Young Professionals (EYP) is a local group for those who work, live or play in Edmond. Members of the group include local business leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals ranging from ages 21 to 40. These young business people get frequent opportunities to network, expand their knowledge and serve the community.

Local professional leaders echo the importance of these types of involvement.

“Community involvement is vital for young professionals to grow in their career. Mentoring and networking are key for professional and personal development” says EYP Advisory Board member Jackie Palmer. Jackie has personally seen the benefits and rewards that come with active community involvement and urges others to participate in similar ways. Jackie chooses to get involved in Edmond by serving as co-chair for Taste of Edmond and volunteering with ParkFest, both of which are popular local events.

EYP holds a variety of events for members to attend. Among these is Lunch Bunch, a monthly “get-to-know-you” lunch held at local restaurants. Leadership Latte is a bi-monthly event which features a prominent Edmond leader who shares advice in a casual setting over coffee. The group gets together twice a year for education luncheons which are centered around a timely, relevant topic. There are also volunteer opportunities throughout the year.

Sign up for EYP today and experience growth both personally and professionally. Contact Brittany Willison to get started or find the application here.

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