R2C2 Dispensary

Posted by Brittany Willison on 07/19/2019

The Red River Cannabis Coalition (R2C2), a medical cannabis dispensary in Edmond, Oklahoma, held a ribbon cutting ceremony today with the Edmond Area Chamber of Commerce in celebration of its grand and official opening at 14901 N Kelley Avenue, Edmond, Oklahoma, 73013.

Experts in the cultivation of quality cannabis, with over 20 years of growing experience and a flair for hydroponics, R2C2 is a medical cannabis dispensary in Oklahoma that’s open to the public seven days a week. At 10am, on July 19, an eager crowd, made up of staff and ambassadors from the Edmond Area Chamber of Commerce, general members of the public, and the full R2C2 team, celebrated together as the ribbon was cut and the dispensary’s doors were officially open for business.

Guests were invited to explore all strains, products, and opening specials on offer, and to learn more about the in-house 13,500 sq/ft grow facility, where R2C2 grows 100% of the cannabis it dispenses, using the most effective and up-to-date methods in hydroponic growing. From Master Kush to Watermelon, R2C2 prides itself on the trace-ability of its products and its commitment to consumer education.

R2C2’s main objective is to dispel the negative reputation that the cannabis plant has had to endure for decades, and to educate Oklahoma’s consumers on the plant’s long list of medicinal benefits. They believe that cannabis heals and that is without a doubt the positive message that the R2C2 dispensary team is looking to drive home.