Youth Leadership Edmond

Youth Leadership Edmond is designed to offer high school juniors the opportunity to enhance their leadership skills, gain a broader perspective of the issues in their city, learn about career options and take an active role in improving their community by introducing them to volunteer opportunities. Before applying, please note that full participation is required in order to benefit fully from this experience. Please make sure that you do not have unavoidable conflicts by comparing your schedule with the session dates before you apply. 

Why Youth Leadership Edmond? 

  • Enhance your leadership skills   
  • Meet successful entrepreneurs and learn about local businesses and business leaders in the community.  
  • Experience hands-on activities with local police and fire officials.  
  • Create a network of friends and contacts with students from other schools. 
  • Learn how to stand out in the college application and scholarship process. 
  • Discuss current events with peers, business and community leaders, and local and state government officials. 
  • Inform students of the community’s positive aspects. 
  • Build awareness of the issues the community faces to encourage voluntary participation. 

This is a six-session leadership development program for high school juniors and seniors in the Edmond school district providing community education and opportunities for community service.

Mission: To provide an opportunity for Edmond High School Juniors and Seniors to develop and use their leadership potential in a way that positively impacts themselves, their families, their schools and their community.

Eligibility & Program Requirements: Your full participation is required in order for you to benefit from this program. Make sure you do not have unavoidable conflicts by comparing your schedule with the session dates before you apply. All sessions are mandatory! If you cannot make all of the sessions, please do not apply. High School Juniors or Seniors who reside in the Edmond city limits and/or the Edmond Public School District and attend Edmond Public Schools, private schools or who are home schooled. Applicants must possess at least a 3.0 G.P.A. Attendance at the opening session, graduation, and six day-long sessions is required. Selected students will be responsible for their own transportation needs to and from each session.

Interested students should:
- Demonstrate leadership or leadership potential in family, community, and/or school activities and show a desire to develop additional leadership skills.
- Express an interest in furthering their knowledge of the Edmond community.
- Commit to full participation in Youth Leadership Edmond.

Selection Process: Selection is a two-step process. All applications will be reviewed by a selection panel. Students invited for an interview will be considered for the class. Final selection is based upon the information provided on the application and the interview.
NOTE: Because of limited class size and our commitment to participant diversity, it will not be possible to accept all qualified applicants. Program presented by Francis Tuttle.

Program Schedule
Applications are due Friday, September 30.
Selected students will be responsible for their own transportation to and from each session. Transportation during the sessions will be provided by Edmond Public Schools.

SESSION 1...............................OPENING RETREAT
November 9, 2022
Meet the youth leadership class, sponsors and
volunteers. Get acquainted with the class and
learn team-building and leadership skills.
SESSION 2....................................QUALITY OF LIFE
December 7, 2022
What makes Edmond such a great place to live?
Learn about the activities and places that make
Edmond unique.
January 11, 2023
Interact with local business leaders through
activities and discussions, learning what leadership
qualities they find most valuable and what led to
career choices. Understand the basics of personal
finance. Gain knowledge on how to present
yourself well when speaking in front of others.
SESSION 4....................................HEALTH AND SCIENCE
February 1, 2023
Learn about different career options in medicine
and other science related fields. Also get the
scoop on forensic science.
March 22, 2023
Discover the inner workings of local government
and get an inside view of the police and fire
SESSION 6............................STATE GOVERNMENT
April 4, 2023
Get an inside look at how our state is run with a
visit to the capitol and quality time with elected
SESSION 7.......................................GRADUATION
May 1, 2023
Join your classmates, parents, sponsors, school
representatives and the Chamber committee for
a final celebration and farewell!
Makeup Date - February 22, 2023 (used only if a session canceled due to weather)
Times: Sessions 1- 6 will be held from 8:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
All sessions will be an excused absence from school.
Session 7 will be held at 7:00 p.m.