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Ted Dockrey

Ted Dockrey

Co-Owner of Suntech Heat & Air

Ted Dockrey is the Co-owner of Suntech Heat & Air. 


  • If you were to pick one song to describe you as a person what song would you choose? The Only Way I Know by Jason Aldean. I was blessed to have a father who instilled the value of working smart and working hard to be the best version of myself. To me this song represents the old “dirt road” way of working hard until the job is done. I’m far from perfect but I do my best to give my full effort when it counts because “that's the only way I know.”
  • What famous celebrity would you have play your character in your life’s movie? Of course it would be Dwayne Johnson. I mean he’s basically my doppelgänger. ๐Ÿคจ๐Ÿ˜
  • Share one interesting fact with the public that they may not know about you. My favorite hobby is visual Astronomy. My parents bought me my first telescope when I was very young and I’ve been fascinated with the stars ever since.
  • What is your “signature dance move?” I enjoy any humorous dance move and like to just have fun with it. Life is too serious as it is so for me dancing is just a way of having fun and most of all making my wonderful wife Jessica smile!
  • What are you most look forward to about the Edmond’s Dancing with the Stars event and supporting the Edmond Chamber of Commerce? My dance moves could definitely use an upgrade so I look forward to learning something new while conquering a fear of public dancing. My wife loves it when I take her out dancing so it will be fun to go out and use some of what I learned on the dance floor. 

I am very honored to get the chance to promote our local Edmond chambers and support local business which I am very passionate about. Every dollar spent in Edmond helps enhance our wonderful community. From public services that keep us safe to teaching our youth how to be successful productive Oklahomans. Education is paramount for our community and it’s funding has a direct and measurable impact on our culture and economy. 

Sherry has been encouraging me to participate for quite awhile and this year was perfect timing. I’ve been actively conquering my fears for the last year or so and one has always been public dancing. Most wouldn’t think so because I’m most known for my Suntech dancing commercials, but it’s true that I’ve always had anxiety about dancing in front of others. Fear gets in the way of reaching one’s full potential so I’m working hard to overcome all of my biggest fears over the next few years, dancing being one of them. 



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  • Arvest Bank
  • BancFirst
  • Dillon House
  • Edmond Electric
  • EEDA
  • First United Bank
  • Francis Tuttle
  • Great Plains Bank
  • Neptune Society
  • Prestige Enterprises
  • Stonecreek Assisted Living
  • Tinker Federal Credit Union