Prioritize Your Health When Busy

Posted by Brian Attebery on 05/01/2017

If you are like most people, you have started to swagger, sway and maybe have even fallen completely off the fitness wagon.  What has changed?  Has your need for fitness lessened?  I would imagine not.  What exactly does it take to keep this up year round?  How do we balance this with our work lives and family?

I think successful fitness/weight loss/weight maintenance people have one thing in common.  They prioritize it.  The number one “excuse” people use for not working out is that they “do not have time” to make it to the gym.  I understand that life can be busy and truly some weeks and months are busier than others.  I have found that some of the most successful people find a way to balance their busy business lives with a fitness lifestyle. I have personally seen many improve their businesses as their health improved. Yes, it took extra time but now they are more fit and energetic and many times they are more efficient with their work.

Is it fair to say that those millions of Americans making it to the gym in the first quarter of the year had just as busy of a schedule as they do right now?  I know most did.  The difference is that they started allowing their busy schedules to be an excuse.  Realistically we will prioritize items in our lives that we find the most valuable.  When a person knows that they are going to have a high school or college reunion and they want to look their best, do they find time?  When a bride is preparing for her wedding and all the craziness that planning a wedding entails, does she still find time to look her best on that special day?  Prioritize.

Your mind set is where it all starts.  Let’s go over a series of mind check questions to make this a true lifestyle and stop making excuses.

  1. How important are you and your health really?
  2. Isn’t 20-30 minutes three times a week better than nothing?
  3. Do you have conflicts at 5 a.m. other than the alarm clock?
  4. Have you accepted that this is going to take longer than you would like?
  5. Have you accepted that you must exercise when you do not feel like it?
  6. Do you understand that proper nutrition is 80% of the battle?
  7. Are you willing to invest time and money into professional help?
  8. Have you scheduled this in your planning book or phone?
  9. Have you discussed how important your health is to your family and friends and asked for support?
  10. Are you ready to feel better and look better than you ever have?

If you answered these questions honestly, you can’t refute them.  You can make this happen but it takes effort. Effort equals outcome and that is truly what it takes!  Make yourself important today and start back on track to a healthier you.

(Brian Attebery is the owner of Results Fitness & Nutrition Center in Edmond since 2003.  This locally owned business has been Voted Edmond’s Favorite center 8 years in a Row.