How to Keep Your Customers Coming Back

Posted by Zoe on 09/01/2016


So what can we do to retain most of our customers?  First, give them something that they can't get from someone down the street or on the Internet.  This list can be quite long and some people will give more weight to some things over others. Here are a few in no particular order:  price, turnaround, what products or services you offer (do you have what they are looking for), convenience, your expertise, the atmosphere of your business, how you look, can you solve their problem, even the smell of your business makes a difference.

But there is one thing that we always do when a new customer comes into our store. Get to know them! How long have you lived in Edmond? How do you like it here?  It's amazing how those two questions open the door to a great interaction. Even if they respond with a negative, that just gives you a chance to come back with something positive. Now you may have changed an attitude and solved a problem. You're making a connection. The customer is now more at ease and it doesn't even have to do with why they came through your door. It has been shown that when people feel comfortable in your store they tend to spend more.  


So Why Do Customers Quit?

  • 1% die
  • 3% move away
  • 5% develop other friendships
  • 9% competitive reasons
  • 14% product dissatisfaction
  • 68% quit because of attitude of indifference toward a customer by a dealer or some employee



I'm the person who came into your place of business and stood quietly while your employees finished their little chit chat. I'm the person who came into your place of business and waited patiently until I was greeted or acknowledged by your people. I'm also the same person who came into your business and didn't complain when I was treated like a second rate customer. YES, you might say I'm a great person.  BUT DO YOU KNOW WHO ESLE I AM???  I'M THE CUSTOMER WHO NEVER COMES BACK, and it amuses me to see you spending thousands of dollars every year to get me back into your place of business. Really, I was there in the first place, all you had to do was GIVE ME A LITTLE SERVICE and SHOW A LITTLE COURTESY.  In short, when I come to visit you, MAKE SURE THAT I HAVE A PLEASANT EXPERIENCE.


Kelly Van Osdol along with his wife Sherrye opened the Framin' Gallery in 1983. Framin’ Gallery has been voted Edmond’s Best Picture Framer the last 12 years and were a finalist for the Edmond Chamber’s Small Business of the Year award in 2012.