DIY Marketing: How’s That Working For You?

Posted on 04/01/2016

Sean ConradMarketing in today’s world is complex, and frankly it can be a bit frustrating for most small to medium-sized businesses (SMB’s). If you’re the DIY-type and are considering embarking on this journey alone, it can be a daunting task…but it’s not impossible. Before you make your final decision, consider where you stand on these four challenges/solutions:

  1. THE “WANT-TO”: Do you really want to be in charge of marketing…really?

Challenge: You know marketing is important; after all, competition is increasing, consumers are becoming increasingly savvy, media is changing, and it’s exponentially more difficult to maintain your visibility in the market. The problem is, you’re a plumber…and you spend all day, every day, plumbing. You’re focused on being the best plumber in your area, providing the highest quality services to your customers, and you just don’t have enough time to even manage an internal marketing staff.

Solution: Hire a team…find people with the marketing skills you desire, and bring them to your team. Give them the freedom to be creative and build your voice in the marketplace. Spend your time managing the process, not doing it yourself.  

  1. THE “TIME-TO”: Do you have the time needed to effectively implement your desired strategies.

Challenge: Now that you own your own business, do friends and family think you have tons of free time on your hands [when you’re not playing golf]? If I’m hearing you correctly, nothing could be further from the truth – and building a strong marketing strategy, creating a team to implement it, monitoring the results, and developing the agility to meet changing market demands is not what you had in mind as part of the “day in the life” of owning a business. If this describes you, maybe our solution will help ease your mind.

Solution: Outsource your marketing to experts [too expensive, right?] – Try this simple math test to see if outsourcing is right for you. [HOURS/MONTHS YOU SPEND ON MARKETING] X [YOUR HOURLY RATE] + [LOST SALES OPPORTUNITIES DURING THOSE HOURS]. Considering this equation, spending time trying to figure out the best size for your Facebook Cover Photo doesn’t seem as important, does it?

  1. THE “HOW-TO”: Are you equipped to design and execute the best marketing strategy?

Challenge: Integrated Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Retargeting, Targeted Social Advertising, Responsive Website Design, Content Curation, Post Boosting, Sitemap, UX, Wireframe, Traditional Advertising, Digital Footprint, CRM, Branding, Keyword Phrases...and the list goes on and on. Understanding how these changing dynamics contribute to your overall marketing voice is an ongoing process. In fact, I’m not sure if they can all be truly mastered. It’s certainly possible, however, to learn about and utilize the components most beneficial to your organization. 

Solution: TRAINING!. Try a self-paced online training course focusing on the topics you desire the most. Just remember, you can always go to the second largest search engine in the world [YouTube] and find countless video tutorials.

If you prefer the personal approach, try a guided workshop where you get hands-on training with classroom interaction. 

  1. THE “STUFF-TO”: Do you have the staff, money, training and technology in place to master the digital space?

Challenge: Having just one of these resources out of place can cause a great deal of angst when building your marketing program. Without the proper staff, the money and technology are of no use. Without money…well, you already know what that means. If you lack training, staff members lose their efficiencies, as do the technology solutions you have in place. You can, however, survive without the latest and greatest marketing technology; it’s just much easier if you have it.    

Solution: Be Introspective. Hire a marketing professional to perform an in-depth assessment of your current state of marketing; the good ones will compare your “state” to the practices utilized by world-class organizations and consult with you on ways to close the gap – if any exist. Either way, with an accurate assessment, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing where your stand.

Now that you know what it takes, dive in. Remember, you don’t have to do everything at once…start with a solid team and a sound strategy. And if you run into trouble, call us!

Sean Conrad is the owner and founder of RadVine Strategies, a strategic marketing firm in Edmond, Oklahoma. You can visit RadVine at

Coming Soon: RadVine Strategies is proud to announce the development of a new training collaboration combining top professionals in the areas of Traditional & Digital Marketing, Search Strategies, Social Media Implementation and Content Development. Classes and curriculum tailored to the DIY Marketer.