Member Highlight: Jessica Lyle, Edmond Electric

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Posted by Laura Beth Breaux on 11/02/2017


Jessica Lyle is the Community Relations Coordinator for Edmond Electric. She joined Edmond Young Professionals about six years ago to broaden her networking skills and build her portfolio. An active member in many organizations throughout the community, Jessica commits much of her time to the EYP Steering Committee and brings helpful insight to the organization. She has a wealth of knowledge about the community and is a great contact for all things Edmond! 

Can you tell us a little bit about your industry and what your favorite aspect of work is? Edmond Electric is one of more than 2,000 municipally-owned utilities in the United States. Of the 63 in Oklahoma, Edmond Electric is the largest being in service since 1908. Public Power Utilities have several advantages in the areas of local control, support of local government, customer service and support of the community. As a publicly owned power company and a city department, Edmond Electric returns profits to the community annually. Our profits support vital city services such as police, fire, streets and parks. Because of Edmond Electric's support, our community maintains a high quality of living. Additionally, Edmond Electric provides outstanding reliability!

My favorite aspect of my work is having the freedom to directly impact our customers. Whether it be through hosting several events throughout the year to teaching children to be safe around our equipment and utility poles, each day brings something new. I love getting to go out in the community and getting to know our customers.

Why did you join EYP? Being a young professional, I wanted to be able to engage in others that were close in age that may be going through the same life changes as many young adults do. 

What have you enjoyed the most about EYP? I would have to say the friendships that you gain in EYP is the most enjoyable. I love knowing that I can pick up the phone and call (or text) anyone in EYP that is in a respectable field and ask questions. Whether it be from financial planning to cybersecurity they are always there to help.

Spouse & number years married: My husband is Josh, we have been together 12 years and married for 4 years.

Children: No children yet; but would love to have two.

Pets: We have two dogs – Max is an 11 year old Sheltie and Bathory (Ba-tor-e) is an 8 year old black lab.

How long have you been in the Edmond area? Although I do not reside in Edmond, I have been working in the community a little over 10 years. Seven years with the City of Edmond and 3 years with Citizens Bank of Edmond. We currently live in Yukon.

What was the first job you ever had? I grew up in Mustang, OK; the city is one of the few left that still allows fireworks on the Fourth of July. There is a well-known firework stand on the outskirts of town and that was where I held my first part time job at 15. When I turned 16, I went and worked at White Water Bay as a lifeguard for 5 years.

Favorite Hobby/pastime outside of work: Many know that I love to do anything that revolves around crafts. I like to challenge myself to do DIY projects – some work out and some are epic fails. But what many of my peers do not know about me is that I have been playing pool (billiards) competitively for almost 10 years. I enjoy the comradery of fellow competitors and the science behind the game. 

Most recent or upcoming vacation spot? I recently visited Madison, WI. I loved the city and atmosphere. They have a fabulous capital, rich of history and the University of Wisconsin campus is beautiful. It is a very old town with hints of modern flare.

What is the best advice you have for others or have you been given? “Three things bring great people down: fear, greed and ego. Don’t get in your own way.”

What has been your favorite experience/activity in Edmond? I graduated from UCO and really enjoyed my time here during my college years. Professionally, I am proud to say that I was/am witness to Edmond growing. From the Mitch Park YMCA to the Public Safety Center to the new Hotel/Convention Center, it is truly amazing how much the community has grown.

Favorite Restaurant in Edmond? I love Mexican food, so with that, Alvarado’s is my favorite restaurant.

Any mentors or people who inspire you? I don’t have any one person – but I do pay attention to women in leadership roles. Working in a male dominated field, I tend to want to see more women in power. We are part of the American Public Power Association and currently the CEO is a female. I think that is very inspiring to see, especially being in the power industry.

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