Edmond Cryotherapy

Posted on 04/14/2016

Edmond Cryotherapy recently held a ribbon cutting to celebrate its grand opening at 1489 East 15th Street, Suite 188 in Edmond.

Edmond Cryotherapy provides Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) and NormaTec Recovery System.  WBC accelerates recovery by surrounding the body with hyper-cooled air at an average temperature of -240°F for only three minutes. WBC flushes toxins and enriches red blood cells with oxygen, nutrients, and enzymes. Recovery time is shortened and energy level is drastically increased. Lost time due to injury is also reduced.

Professional athletes who have used ice baths in the past have discovered WBC as a more powerful and effective way to decrease recovery time and increase athletic performance. Cryotherapy has been used in Europe over the last two decades to improve skin tone, reduce signs of aging, manage pain, lower inflammation, improve athletic performance and mitigate depression.

For more information, call (405) 888-7479 or visit www.EdmondCryotherapy.com