BOOST, Mental Toughness & Leadership

Posted by Zoe Mack on 05/22/2017

BOOST is a new cutting edge company for athletes from 6th grade to professional levels. BOOST uses real data and a proprietary scoring algorithm to assess each individual athlete’s mental toughness and leadership skills. The free assessment can be found on the website at  The profile will then provide individualized data on each athlete to pinpoint strengths and areas in need of improvement. Boost athletes also have access to free sports medicine consultations too!  BOOST helps athletes with their motivation, confidence, focus, self-talk, relaxation etc. BOOST can work with individuals and/or teams.  Get the MOST COMPETITIVE EDGE in sports and life with BOOST!

To learn more, visit the BOOST, Mental Toughness & Leadership website: or email [email protected] or call 804-955-9582.